AWN Academy Features

Built with 30 years of experience

The content within AWN Academy has been 30 years in the making. By reverse engineering countless warranty repair orders, we have designed a way to address compliance concerns at the beginning of the warranty RO lifecycle, rather than addressing them during submission to the manufacturer.

Courses Built for Success

Every course in the AWN Academy is designed around thousands of hours of real world experience. We’ve taken the situations we see every day and turned them into interactive lessons to train your team. New courses are constantly added so your always on the leading edge.

Video & Document Job Aids

Every AWN Academy subscription includes access to our database of documents and video tips. Print off forms to assist in diagnosing customer problems, staying organized, and more. Enjoy short tip videos that keep you up to date on the latest trends. 

AWN LearnLock

Why spend time training if everything is going to be forgotten? The AWN Academy uses our exclusive LearnLock process to ensure what is taught is not forgot. 

Rewards Store

Learners earn points for everything they do in the AWN Academy. Points can be spent on cool prizes, AWN Academy gear, and gift cards to various retailers.

Detailed Reporting

Always keep an eye on how your learners are doing. Our detailed reporting tools will allow you to see at a glance graphs & reports for tracking your whole team’s progress¬†

Manage Unlimited Learners

Training should help your bottom line, not break it. Our subscription allows you to add as many team members as you need for one low price. Plus, your first month is free


Check out the videos below for additional information on the AWN Academy

Interactive Sample Lesson

What better way to see what its like? Try out a sample lesson by clicking on the video player to the right:

Why the AWN Academy?

We process over $400,000,000.00 in warranty dollars every month. We pride ourselves on keeping this money in the dealerships pocket in the event of an audit. In doing this, we’ve spent over 30 years learning every little thing about keeping your warranty money safe. It comes down to the policies being followed from the moment the RO is written. Your advisors & techs have a major role in ensuring warranty processes are followed. Everything they need to know about this is included in our courses.

What's in it for advisors?

Our courses for advisors include topics such as:

  • Proper warranty write-up procedures
  • How to address customer’s concerns
  • Techniques for asking qualifying questions
  • Using symptom based complaints to prevent future problems & improve the customer experience
  • The critical information that must be obtained before the repair is completed
  • Coverage Types & Limitations
  • How to handle add-on & run on repairs
  • Process for no problem found claims
  • Reviewing completed ROs and supporting documents

What's in it for techs?

Our courses for technicians include topics such as:

  • Proper handling of repairs
  • Manufacture stipulated requirements
  • Time recording procedures
  • Diagnostic testing and results
  • Documenting root cause and correction
  • Add on vs run on repairs